Mobilizing people to engage in positive and meaningful change.

Our Work

Mission and Vision

Our Mission: Mobilizing people to engage in positive and meaningful change.

Our Vision: Engaged community members working together to make Marshall County a better place to live and work.


What We Do

The FRN has had a wide and varied scope of focus during its time while working in Marshall County. This does not mean that we are lacking a clear, defined sense of purpose or direction; rather, that we have been attentive and responsive to the needs of the community, shifting our focus when necessary to better serve its residents. We strive to not only seek solutions when challenges arise, but also to have a forward thinking mindset, so that we can better anticipate where we are needed. The FRN believes that adaptability and flexibility are key when being able to effectively address service needs because the lives of those around us are continually changing. As a result, we must be able to grow and modify the content of our work.


Current Areas of Work

Over many years, the FRN has developed collaborative relationships necessary to identify community needs, develop local strategies to address priorities, secure needed resources, engage community members, and evaluate progress. We believe we are most successful when we all are working together. During the past year, the FRN has:

  • Implemented numerous projects through its Carolyn Dalzell Closet of Hope, which distributes essential health, hygiene, and household products to those in need through a variety of creative avenues
  • Sponsored events, activities, and programs that benefited local communities and residents
  • Coordinated or provided services and trainings for area professionals and members of the public
  • Developed or maintained partnerships with other organizations, businesses, groups, and funders to build and sustain projects and programs
  • Provided in-home parenting education and related activities through the Parents As Teachers program
  • Coordinated the Marshall County Family Resource Center, the Starting Points Center, and related activities

In 2017, the FRN generated $412,478 to support community programs and services; in-kind investments through volunteers and local donations totaled $234,225.

Click the link below to view/download an infographic about the collective impact of FRNs across the state:

WVFRN 2018 Infographic

In the Community

Many of the projects and programs the FRN has organized and implemented have focused on increasing the number of opportunities and resources available to the community, especially for families and children. The FRN acts as a facilitator for change by building partnerships with local organizations, groups, and individuals, and employing creative strategies to find solutions to challenges.


As an Organization

The FRN acknowledges that in order to best serve the community and its residents, we, as an organization, need to remain current and knowledgeable of trends and issues affecting our area. To do this, we offer and participate in a number of trainings on a yearly basis that include a varied content area. However, the FRN also recognizes that we cannot hope to be successful in our work if we are not willing to work together and share our knowledge, resources, time, and experience with others. We believe in developing the workforce of Marshall County, not only our own staff. Improving Marshall County for its residents involves a collaborative, multifaceted approach undertaken by many, instead of a few. As such, when opportunities arise for us to share with others, we do not hesitate to do so, because we understand there is power in partnerships and coordinated efforts.


Responses from a survey about the FRN’s Impact and Value

“I have been involved in fundraising, organizing and volunteering for over 35yrs. There are few groups I’ve been involved with that compare to the hard work, organizing skills, compassion and over all enthusiasm that I have experienced with the Marshall Co. FRN. They identify needs in the community, address the issues and manage to pull the community together for support. If I had to use one word it would be impressive”

– Survey Respondent


“The FRN is a community’s best kept secret. They are connected to the resources and have relationships within the community to make projects in a community a success.”

– Survey Respondent


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