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Family Resource Networks (FRNs) were born out of the Governor’s Cabinet on Children and Families, which had been created by then Governor Gaston Caperton in 1990 to share resources, build community capacity, and develop collaborative partnerships. The Cabinet wanted to take these same components and develop them at a community level, which was the inspiration behind the organization and implementation of FRNs in each county of the State.

The purpose of an FRN is to identify and address service gaps and needs in their local communities, and to seek solutions through collaboration and coordinated efforts in order to improve conditions for children and families. Since this time, FRNs have evolved as political shifts have occurred and organizational requirements have changed, which have presented challenges to the growth and development of FRNs over time. However, the very nature of an FRN in its adaptability of function and structure have lent FRNs resiliency and enabled them to find solutions in tough times.

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