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Parents As Teachers

Parents As Teachers (PAT) is a parent education program that has been adopted in all 50 states, and focuses on helping children learn, grow, and develop to their fullest potential. The program is delivered in the family’s home by trained parent educators, and is based upon an evidenced-based curriculum. PAT has been shown to increase school readiness, and provide support for families as their children develop. The FRN serves families located in the Marshall County area. The only requirement for the program is that families have children five years of age or younger, or are prenatal parents.

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The Marshall County PAT program is a Partners in Community Outreach (PICO) affiliated program. Click here for more information about PICO.

Starting Points Center

The Starting Points Center operates in conjunction with the Marshall County Family Resource Center (MCFRC), but with a stronger emphasis on early childhood development and support. Programs and services offered by the Starting Points Center focus on parent education, family support, and linkage or referrals to needed services or supports. The goal of the Starting Points Center is to build parental capacity in order to improve outcomes for children and families, including reducing the prevalence of child abuse and neglect.

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