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Community Profile

This Community Profile is based on the most recent available statistical data compiled from secondary data sets as well as responses to a community survey from 801 people familiar with local conditions in Marshall County.

The updated Community Profile provides measures of current community conditions and local capacity within Marshall County. An additional report on the findings from a community survey completed by residents of Marshall County during the latter part of 2013 has been provided to supplement the statistics and other indicators provided within this most recent Community Profile Report.

Local planning and development groups may wish to examine some of the issues raised by the profile that are relevant to specific local goals in more detail. Local knowledge and information available to local community and neighborhood groups should also be considered when examining issues outlined in the Community Profile.

Statistics and other information presented within the Community Profile describe local conditions and community capacities for Marshall County as a whole; however, local leaders should be aware that a statistical portrait reflecting overall county conditions may not necessarily accurately describe the situation in smaller towns and cities located within Marshall County. Conditions and quality of life issues may vary from one location to another within the county.

A similar profile of local community conditions and capacities was developed in 2008 and the indicators cited in the current profile are compared when possible to the statistical data describing local conditions in Marshall County in 2008 in order to provide measures of local progress in improving community conditions over the past five years.

The current Community Profile reflects the most recent available data for Marshall County and information provided is drawn from a number of different secondary data sets. Since statistical data is updated by different agencies and organizations at different times, many of the measures available are lagging indicators reflecting conditions during the period 2010- 2013.

Community Profile 2013

Community Survey 2013

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